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Get an Infusionsoft trainer

Get an infusionsoft trainerIf you recently purchased Infusionsoft and you would love to learn how to use all its powerful features, but are a bit overwhelmed and are not sure you can figure it out yourself, then call us at Cyberwalker Digital and speak to one of our expert Infusionsoft coaches.

We are a Tampa, Florida based digital marketing agency that has a staff if expert Infusionsoft coaches and trainers that help people like you learn Infusionsoft. If you are in the Tampa area we can come to your office and train you or your staff. Or if are anywhere in the United States or Canada we can do teleconferencing by voice and using a shared screen so we can show you want to do.

Infusionsoft training for “dummies” or for¬†advanced users that want to learn more

It really doesn’t matter what you expertise level is. You could be a rank beginner and feel like a dummy or you could have some knowledge on how to use Infusionsoft – so you know enough to be “dangerous” as some people describe themselves. Or if you are an advanced user and you want to learn email marketing strategies that are highly effective and integrate them into everyday practices using Infusionsoft then we can show you how. We serve all these kinds of experts.

Infusionsoft for beginners

Infusionsoft the company gives you a few hours to explain the basics of the software. Many people feel as if this is not enough. So we can take you through some training to enhance you ability to run Infusionsoft at a basic level. Our training pick up where your Infusionsoft assigned trainer lefty off.

What you can choose to learn:

Infusionsoft training for basic knowledge

  • How to add and edit a contact.
  • How to use tags
  • Email marketing strategies
  • How to send a broadcast
  • How set up a funnel
  • How to design an email in the builder
  • How to hook up a sign up box to your website

Infusionsoft training for intermediate knowledge

In this series we get a little more complex

  • Funnel design
  • Ecommerce integration
  • How to use the lead score
  • How to add custom fields
  • How to design an advanced form
  • How to set timers
  • How to design “goals”
  • How to trigger campaigns with a purchase or with a tag

Infusionsoft training for marketers with advanced knowledge

At this level we can get a bit more technical.

  • We can discuss external interaction with your web site or other service.
  • How to integrate multiple campaigns
  • Infusionsoft integration with LeadPages
  • Email strategy and psychology and how to use Infusionsoft for advanced campaigns
  • Decision diamond functionality
  • And lots more!

Get an Infusionsoft coach in to work with you via Skype or GotoMeeting.

We can work with you over the Internet and use visual screen sharing to help you see what we are doing during our sessions.
You can also opt to travel to us. We are in Tampa, Florida so we can arrange to have our trainer meet you or your group in person if you need that.

Get an Infusionsoft coach in Tampa to come to you

If you are based in Tampa or Orlando, we can arrange to come to you for your training sessions.  We can put a package together based in your location and number of hours book.

Get an Infusionsoft coach in Houston to come to you

If you are based in the Metropolitan Houston area we have a local coach who is on our team that can provide you with local Infusionsoft training services, y’all.