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Does email marketing still work?

reel them in with email makreting

reel them in with email makretingSomeone on Quora asked me recently if email marketing still works.

The answer is yes. However¬†email marketing has been refined since the days of email “blasts” — and the people that follow the new email marketing rules can sell well using email because for most of the adult population its the primary mode of communication. ¬†Email is also¬†intimate so you can create a one to one relationship with the subscriber.

Here are some basics rules to follow:

1) Register only those people that want to be on your list – make it easy to unsubscribe because you want those that want off to go away. A focus motivated list is a profitable list.

2) Send out useful, valuable information to your list frequently.

3) Create feedback loops and interactive components in your emails to segment out the engaged subscribers and create a sub-list that you can nurture.

4) Sell rarely (put an offer at a rate of 1 for every 10 emails).

5) Send personal emails from a person not a corporation.

6) Offer high-value limited time offers that feel exclusive.

7) Give more than you take.

8) Monitor open and engagement rates and identify problems if either is low. Open rates will be low if your content is mis-targeted or of low quality or too salesy. Engagement rates will be low if your content or offers are not compelling.

9) Make the subscriber feel like they are someone special and part of a special insider group.

10) Be real.