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Counter-intuitive email marketing strategies that super-charge your sales through email

Counter-intuitive email marketing strategies that super-charge your sales through email

Counter-intuitive email marketing strategies that super-charge your sales through emailOne of the most common questions I get from companies and the people I consult with is something like:

“We have a subscriber list of XX thousands of people, but we can’t figure out why we can’t sell anything to them through email. I thought that email marketing was hot?”

Well there are a few secrets to it, and they are counter-intuitive. But boy, do they work well if you use them properly. ¬†Ready? Follow these strategies, and I promise you you’ll start to drive healthy transaction¬†volumes:

1) Customize the experience: Don’t just send a one email fits all template, discover what interests each subscriber¬†and make sure you email content about what they care about. If they are on a mailing list about food, discover what kind of food they like and send email about that. This can be achievable with a marketing automation tool like Infusionsoft.

2) Give massive value away: Good email marketing that results in sales requires that you distribute¬†high-value content to your subscribers regularly. Subscribers¬†should see the content coming from you as incredibly useful and feel as though they have access to something that is exclusive. And that if they unsubscribe, they’d miss out something they couldn’t get anywhere else. You’ll know this is true if your open rate are are above 25% and closer to 40%. If people aren’t opening your emails its because the content is not valuable. You need to fix that.

3) Stop being corporate. When you speak to them through email you shouldrelate to them like they are a friend¬†who is giving them great advice. You list writer should have an identity; a name; a persona. He or she should tell personal stories as an insider and share great informative stuff. They should feel to the reader like a confidante. You know when Oprah feels like she’s talking to you through the camera? That’s how it should feel.

4) Don’t sell. Huh? Yeah don’t sell. You probably sell too often. And problem sell crappy deals. The rule of thumb is that you should not try to sell them at all until near the end of any¬†funnel. That is not to say that you shouldn’t mention the development of the product you will¬†offer¬†them and if it’s an information product you should give them access to pieces of it for free as part of their membership on the list. Give it away. Give your best stuff that people actually pay for. Let them try before they buy.

Like this: “As you know I started to develop a course for people who want to be master sheep shearers. I will be releasing the course in a few weeks, however, I got some amazing feedback on sharpening shears, so I want to give you this module as I know many of you have been interested in this top for some time, so next week I’ll going to send you the module from the course for free.” ¬†

The intention here is to pump their emotional response. To make them feel valued, exclusive, and excited about the content your are developing. And to feel like they need it.

5) Limit the offer. Towards the end of the funnel you should mention a limited opening of the availability of the product to only members on the list.

“I’ve decided to do an initial run of the course just for my insiders. This beta run is massively discount from the $597 price. I thought I’d offer it at 35% off, but my wife told me not to be so cheap. And she’s right. I’m going to further discount it. I’ll let you know what the final discount will be in a future email.”¬†

You let them know because you want to test the product on the market that appreciates it and is shown interest in it that you are going to give them exclusive access for a limited time. You are also going to limit availability to a certain number of sales.¬†This is using the psychological tactic called scarcity. People want what they can’t have or have limited access to.

6) Segment the list. Divide it into people that have taken action around some of the material you provided. That could mean people that have opened most emails. Clicked on the links. Responded to forms you may have embedded in the email. To do this you should be using an email marketing¬† automation tool such as Infusionsoft. Get a demo at …this is the tool we use for this purpose however there are many other tools on the market that can facilitate this however the lower-cost email marketing platforms tend not to offer you this kind of functionality. You can be more aggressive with the engaged people and be more patient and work the less interested people up a bit more emotionally before you make an offer.

There’s lots more to learn about email marketing, but if you start to implement these secrets, you will see engagement grow, open rates skyrocket and when it comes time to make an offer, you’ll sell well.



Andy Walker is a senior strategist at the Tampa based digital marketing agency Cyberwalker Digital. He provides consulting and coaching to medium sized businesses with small marketing teams, as well as celebrities, authors and personalities. Ask for a free 30 minute consulting call. Reach him at¬†[email protected]¬†or 813-501-8043. Download his agency’s¬†free digital marketing strategy guide at¬†