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Lithium can cause nauseadiarrheadizzinessmuscle weaknessfatigueand a dazed feelingThese unwanted side effects often improve with continued useFine tremorfrequent urinationand thirst can occur and may persist with continued useWeight gain and swelling from excess fluid can also occurLithium can also cause or make skin disorders such as acnepsoriasisand rashes worseThe amount of lithium in the body must be carefully controlled and is checked by blood tests.

Long-term ControlMaintenance dose900 to 1200 mg/dayExtended release formulations600 mg orally in the morning and at nighttimeRegular release formulations300 mg orally 3 to 4 times a day.

Lithium is commonly used to help fix chemical imbalances in the brainSome medications for high blood pressure might increase the side effects of lithiumand decrease the amount of lithium in the bodySome medications for high blood pressure include nifedipineAdalatProcardiaverapamilCalanIsoptinVerelandiltiazemCardizemisradipineDynaCircfelodipinePlendilamlodipineNorvascand others.

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the metal amide base in thf used is prepared by adding n-butyl-lithium to pyrrolidine and cooling at a temperature ranging between 45 c.