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150 mg every third day for a total of 3 dosesday 14and 7followed by 150 mg once weekly maintenance dose.

Therapy may be instituted before the results of the cultures and other laboratory studies are knownhoweveronce these results become availableanti-infective therapy should be adjusted accordingly.

Current labeling for Diflucan and fluconazole products indicates that human studies do not suggest increased risks during pregnancy when women are exposed to single 150mg oral dosageHoweverthe FDA released a warning statement in 2011 warning that high dosessuch as 400-800mg per daymay result in birth abnormalities including brachycephalyflattened rear skulland cleft palateResults from the Danish studyhoweversuggest that even small doses of fluconazolethe standard dose studied was 150mg 1-2 times per daymay increase the risk of miscarriage.

Convenience and efficacy of single dose oral tablet of fluconazole regimen for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections should be weighed against acceptability of higher incidence of drug related adverse events with fluconazole26versus intravaginal agents16

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