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Q: How do I succeed with cold email campaigns?

How do I succeed with cold email campaigns

Q: How do I succeed with cold email campaigns? A: How about: Don't send cold emails. That is unless you want to be flagged as a spammer. The best way to build the list is to offer something of value and have people opt into it especially motivated by a lead magnet

The anatomy of a great email

Anatomy of a great email

So what makes a great email? It's a question newcomers to email marketing ask all the time. And the answer is counter-intuitive. Follow on the link for answers.  We live in the era of post email blasts. No one can get away (for long) with sending out spammy self serving emails

How to create a lead capture box

Here's  a breakdown of how to design a lead capture box for email marketing on your web site.     Attention getting image: Show an image that is fun unusual or attention getting to grab their attention. Offer: Give something useful and compelling to your subscriber.  Don't cheap out! Lead Magnet: Give them a download